Chapter 1:  MEGAN

Startled Megan woke up from her slumber, to yelling and screaming. Bitching about the dumbest things at times, like about who left this out or why her dad didn’t do something. If they only focused on her more often. She wouldn’t have a sleeve full of cuts, that’s for sure. Her arm resembled the stripes of a zebra if they were red. Thought everything would change after Megan’s teacher discovered her work of art and called her down to the Principal’s office, but nothing did.

          Of course her parents, Sally and Nick both came to the school for a meeting. Obviously putting on a show like a theater, acting like they were the model parents. Instead of the deadbeats they really were. It wasn’t too long before Megan’s parents were escorted in the principals office. The door opened her parents thanked the principal and left the office with Megan tagging behind. Not one word was spoken on the ride home.

          Her hell didn’t start until at home. Instead of being concerned for her well being, they were furious. Her Dad screamed at her to go into her room, while her Mom stood with her arms crossed. With a look that could scare away any monster. Megan stormed off into her room. With her Mom following close behind. With a slam of the door started hell, like a bell which signaled the start of a boxing match. That’s when the slap occurred. It happened so quickly Megan didn’t even have a chance to ponder whether to accept the abuse or to dodge it. The slap left a red mark on her face. It stung and felt warm to the touch, Megan stood there in complete shock. Staring down her Mom down like she was prey. Her insides on fire. How could her mom be like this?

“How could you do this to me?” her mom asked, furiously.

 “Why does everything have to be about you?”

“Because I’m the fucking parent and you’re a piece of shit. Cutting yourself and making me look like a monster to everyone. You made your principal see me as being heartless.” her mom said, opening and shutting her closed hands.

“A monster….my teacher was concerned because for weeks I’ve been coming in with fresh cuts. Have you even noticed?”

“You have no idea what it’s like being an adult and all the pressure. And now thanks to you I have to worry about the gossip now too.”

She stood with her arm on her side, with her other finger pointing at Megan. Her mom stormed out of Megan’s bedroom and slammed the door hard. “I can’t deal with her shit, you handle her unless you’re not man enough.” she said, to her husband before retreating up the stairs.

Her Dad left the house ignoring his wife and went to work. Leaving an upset and crying Megan alone on her bed with so many thoughts racing through her mind until she finally fell asleep.

Megan woke up with a pounding headache like she didn’t sleep at all. Her bed was a disaster, her bottom sheet all mangled up. She straightened out the sheet and that’s when she noticed the fresh blood droplets. There were a group of three drops of blood on the sheet. Not in a line but closer to each other. Startled Megan checked on her arms and hands. There was no trace or blood. Was, her parents watching her while she slept? The thought of someone watching while she slept creeped her out. Megan climbed out of bed to search for more clues. She found another blood spot on the carpet and another right by her window. The window was unlocked, but no sign of any forced entry. ‘Wtf was she being watched by one of her parents? Even for them this is a new low for them.

She threw open her bedroom door only to discover more blood on the carpet. In the hallway leading to her parent’s door. By now her heart was really racing and her arms were trembling. Not knowing what she may soon discover. The blood trail seemed to have stopped not like she’d be able to see anything now with the hallway lights out. All she could see in front of her was darkness, any night lights had been removed since she was a teen. Her parents figured the best way to keep in her bedroom at night was to make the house pitch black at night. They must have forgotten phones had flashlights. She started patting her pockets searching for her phone. Shit! She must have forgotten her phone in bedroom. Her mind just wasn’t thinking after she discovered—

What was that? A breeze rushed past her. Was someone near? Megan took a few more steps, her body was trembling. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Fear took her breath away. Megan looked behind her, but all there was darkness. She was too far away from her room, all she wanted to do now was to curl up in a ball and cry. No, she needed to get to the bottom of this. She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, before moving ahead. Megan reached out feeling for the wall, there was no wall nearby. Megan must have moved toward the middle of the hall.

Her parent’s bedroom was at the end of the hallway. Next to the bathroom and the bedroom of her sister Dana who died a few years back. Her mom blamed her husband who was home the day it happened. Nick went upstairs to wake her up for breakfast and Dana was dead. Her death was undetermined and it’s still being investigated. Sally still swore Nick was to be blamed for it. Probably the real reason why her parent’s relationship was rapidly declining. Now Dana’s room is nothing more than a shrine like the hallway filled with her pics. Couldn’t there be at least two pictures of Megan hung up.

Another gush of air hit Megan’s face and she was off. Running full speed toward the end of the hall. Acting like her parent’s bedroom would be her sanctuary. Her foot slammed against the door. Megan froze suspecting her mom to start yelling. A few seconds passed by and still no swearing coming from her Mom. She must be sleeping, usually a pin drop would awaken the monster’s fury. Megan placed her hands on the wall and felt around for the switch. At last she found the switch and immediately turned it on. The light came on and pushed Megan deeper into her nightmare. On the floor by the door was a pool of blood, the scream that crept out of her lips was high enough to shatter a cupboard full of glasses.

Straddling the carpet like she’s riding a horse, she opens the door, carefully making sure none of her skin touches the blood. Laying on the floor in a pool of blood was her Mom. Her mom’s chest and abdomen was covered in blood from the countless stab wounds inflicted upon her. There was a large hole just under the chin where the blade had been jammed into her head. The killer must have taken the blade because it was nowhere to be seen. Megan stood still in a trance before walking back to room. Her feet dragged behind on the carpet like she had lost control over them. Her body pushed open the door and crashed on the bed where her phone was lying. Megan’s fingers mindlessly dialed 911.

“Hello, I killed my mother…”