Logline coming soon….

A new species has emerged, a species that may bring humans and vampires closer. Half breeds part vampire and part human, maybe the key what both species need to survive. Fearing the change an elder vampire begins a purge to wipe out half-breeds. The need for survival splits up the half breeds into two groups. The believers and the non-believers. The believers are the half breeds who devote their lives to a prophecy, the only means for survival for their race. The non-believers are known as the “unpure ones” or just the “unpures”. Who live their lives on free choice. Adrea, a teenager who knows little about her father, encounters Ubel on a walk. Ubel, a mysterious man who claims to be her grandfather tells her a secret that will change her life forever. A secret that will unravel the mysteries of her father. Shrugging off her meeting with Ubel, she goes to school the next day hoping to have a normal day. Instead she ends up bumping right into Lucas Barnes, a new student sending his papers everywhere. Their eyes meet as Adria helps Lucas pickup his papers. She ponders the thought if they were supposed to meet, destined for something much greater.