Logline coming soon….

A young Leland O’Reilly grows up in a strict Catholic community in the town of Lived, Texas, and whilst being parented by an even more strict alcoholic single mother. After receiving an old school punishment one day for shooting a neighbors cat with a slingshot, young Leland saw the face of The Christ before his eyes. In his terror, and adolescent mind he made a vow to himself; to help purge the world of sinners.

After growing up and becoming a man of the cloth, Father O’Reilly stuck to his vow and purge he did indeed. In cahoots and with the help of his two childhood friends, one a Cop and the other a Mortician, Father O’Reilly uses the power of three to capture, murder, and dispose of the bodies.

One day when the Mortician messes up and accidentally ships a body of the son of a prominent Jewish business man to Boston, the body is found by a Detective Holiday which instantly leads the Detective hot on the Fathers trail.